Together, we are transforming the Anesthesiology profession nationally

Who is USAP?

US Anesthesia Partners (USAP) is the leading physician services organization in the United States partnering with top-rated anesthesiology and pain management groups in major metropolitan areas and positioning them for continued growth and success within their markets.

By employing its strong business acumen together with the collective clinical data and expertise of its partner practices, USAP aims to improve patient outcomes, services to surgeons and relationships with facilities. Together, using this unique partnership, we are building a lasting organization that will provide a secure future for our physician partners and associates while improving the quality of anesthesia services.

How does the USAP Partnership Model Work?

When your practice joins with USAP, we become partners. Physician partners maintain clinical and cultural governance over their practice, plus gain collective ownership of approximately 50 per cent of USAP. USAP provides capital, centralized administrative resources, innovative health care information technology and additional business intelligence to empower its partner practices in maintaining strong operational excellence in an ever-changing health care environment. As partners whose interests are completely aligned, we share in the future growth and success of our organization.

The physician-led Continuous Clinical Quality Improvement

The physician-led Continuous Clinical Quality Improvement Program draws collective data, best practices and involvement from the full spectrum of partner practices, compares USAP standards to national standards and provides clinicians with data-driven quality analyses and real time feedback that help to improve patient outcomes; the patient, family and surgeon experience; and reduce the overall cost of care.

USAP Leadership

USAP Leadership consists of approximately 50 per cent physician partners and 50 per cent business experts. Each practice maintains its own governance, plus gains approximately 50 per cent collective ownership in USAP. USAP is governed by its board of directors and led by a strong business executive team with vast experience in building and growing physician services organizations in the U.S.

Our capital partner is Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, one of the nation's leading healthcare private equity firms, who has a long history of helping physician services businesses reach their full potential through capital investment and operational expertise.

JLR Leadership on Partnership with USAP


USAP Physician Group Partners

Our founding clinical partners are among the most respected anesthesia groups in the country: Greater Colorado Anesthesia (GCA), Greater Houston Anesthesiology (GHA), JLR Medical Group, and Pinnacle Anesthesia. GHA and Pinnacle Anesthesia are the two largest anesthesia providers in Texas, and JLR Medical Group is one of the top two largest groups in Florida.

Greater Colorado Anesthesia

Greater Colorado Anesthesia (GCA) is dedicated to delivering safe, compassionate and individualized medical care to its patients throughout their perioperative experience. GCA is comprised of 90 highly respected, board certified anesthesiologists providing high quality patient care at more than 20 hospitals and surgical facilities throughout the greater Denver region.

Greater Houston Anesthesiology

Founded in 1996, Greater Houston Anesthesiology (GHA) is one of the largest single-market private practice anesthesia groups in the country. GHA employs more than 300 anesthesia providers who perform approximately 200,000 cases annually in all areas of anesthesiology, including cardiovascular, neurosurgery, obstetrics, orthopedics, pediatrics, transplant and acute and chronic pain management.

GHA is the primary anesthesia provider for more than 30 medical facilities in Houston and Austin. Through its partnership with USAP, GHA works closely with North Houston Anesthesiology to provide USAP quality services to more patients in the Houston area.

  • North Houston Anesthesiology

JLR Medical Group of Orlando, Florida

Named after Joseph L. Riley, MD, and founded in Orlando, Florida, in 1988, JLR Medical Group is a physician-owned, preoperative services company, providing anesthesia services and pain management throughout Central Florida. JLR has a growing clinical team of 75 anesthesiologists and 120 nurse anesthetists who perform more than 100,000 cases per year. Through its partnership with USAP, JLR works closely with Medical Anesthesia & Pain Management Consultants of Fort Myers, Florida to provide USAP quality services to more patients in Central Florida.

  • Medical Anesthesia & Pain Management Consultants of Fort Myers, Florida

Pinnacle Partners in Medicine of Dallas, Texas

Pinnacle is the anesthesia and pain medicine leader in North Texas, practicing in more than 100 facilities. As one of the largest anesthesia groups in the country, Pinnacle has more 325 anesthesiologists and 230 certified registered nurse anesthetists and other allied health professionals known for rigorous quality and peer review procedures to improve services and outcomes. Through its partnership with USAP, Pinnacle Partners in Medicine works with the following anesthesiology practices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area:

  • Excel Anesthesia
  • Anesthesia Consultants of Dallas

South Denver Anesthesiologists

South Denver Anesthesiologists (SDA) consists of more than 90 board certified and board eligible anesthesiologists and anesthesia assistants (AAs) who provide care in 25 of the most prestigious and dynamic hospitals and surgery centers in the Denver metro area. Expertise includes coverage of the full depth and breadth of surgical cases including general surgery, spine and joint/orthopedics, neurosurgery, urology, gynecology, ear/nose and throat, trauma, transplants and labor and delivery.

SDA provides services in procedural settings such as interventional radiology, cardiac catherization lab and gastroenterology, as well as acute pain services for inpatients following surgical procedures. As strategic leaders in the anesthesia industry, SDA is engaged in hospital leadership positions such as Medical Staff President, Anesthesia Chairman, Trauma and OB Division Chiefs and various liaison positions. SDA and GCA work closely together to provide USAP quality services to patients in the Denver area.

Careers at USAP

US Anesthesia Partners is enhancing the way perioperative and anesthesiology services are delivered. With a vision of building the leading anesthesia platform, USAP provides clinical and operational expertise, collaboration, growth opportunities and feedback to help you fulfill your professional goals.

At USAP, we value integrity, excellence, respect, innovation, advocacy and accountability. We look for driven, qualified clinicians and practice management professionals, and we are always accepting resumes.

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