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Providing quality anesthesia care is our number one priority

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I'm part of a physician group

Physician-owned and single-specialty, USAP helps position leading anesthesia practices for continued growth and success within a partnership model that maintains local clinical governance and high-quality patient care.

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I'm a facility or system executive

Clinically governed by practicing physicians, USAP understands the challenges hospital systems and individual facilities face. Using unique tools, processes and data, USAP is a backbone infrastructure that allows physicians to focus on providing quality care to patients.

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I am a payer or employer

USAP is clinically governed and majority owned by practicing physicians. As a single-specialty anesthesia provider with an in-network strategy, USAP is committed to exceptional quality care. USAP's continuous quality improvement program measures against and improves upon best practices which, in turn, can often reduce the total cost of care.

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I am a surgeon

USAP has some of the nation's top board-certified anesthesiologists teamed with highly qualified CRNA's. With anesthesiology being our only focus, you know you're working with the best.

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Continuous quality improvement (CQI)

Started as a way to change the way medical staff quality was approached, our CQI program is about joining together in the spirit of improving patient outcomes. It’s become a tested clinical care and risk management program with over 15 years of proven, positive results.

Our commitment to CQI

Are you a patient?

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